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Looking forward to playing The Witness and The Last Guardian.

The Order: How to make 'a Victorian version of the AK-47'

I think the kind of innovation that the game industry needs the least is ideas for new ways to shoot people. BORING

Fictional Concurrency

If a game presents some rules that don’t have obvious reasons behind them, I become reluctant to play that game.

In Puzzle & Dragons, there’s an arbitrary connection between the puzzle pieces you’re sliding around and the enemies you’re trying to defeat in a dungeon. Do well at puzzling, and your monsters perform more powerful attacks. The game effectively puts you in two different, yet interacting magic circles; there’s no logical causality between the two paradigms, and so I feel my actions on the puzzle board are flimsily attached to what progress I make in the dungeon.

It feels like an old game I once played that came with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing in which you’re a chameleon, and you have to type certain words in order to eat insects. Perhaps good for improving your typing skills, but no good for feeling involved in a believable world.


So Bill Gates is someone I think is awesome and would like to learn a lot more about. Imagine if everyone with his level of wealth, had his attitude and sense of social responsibility. 

I’ve heard he is a bit “let’s solve everyone’s problems with money and computers” which isn’t necessarily what people need. But even if that’s true, he’s using what he knows to improve the world, and that’s super admirable. I think he always had big ideas about helping others, but was held back by Microsoft’s investors.

The compiler is optimized for performance, and the language is optimized for development, without compromising on either.

Apple on their new programming language, Swift.

If that all works out, Swift could become pretty awesome. I’ll start working on an art gallery app for iOS soon, since I can’t find a decent one in the app store. I’ll be using Swift for that.

Humans Need Not Apply

A great, non-alarmist video that explains the huge role of automation in our future.

I believe the inevitable increase in automation of the next few decades could be great for society in the long term, but it’s sure going to cause a lot of problems before our legal systems and cultures can properly adapt, if they manage to adapt at all. Automation will of course give the most power to the richest people, so the rest of us will be relying on laws and precedents to maintain our quality of life.

Robots actively trying to kill us all and start a reign of total robot dominance is still strictly science fiction obviously, but there’s still reason to be concerned.

Really impressed with DuckDuckGo so far. It’s simple, has great suggestions, and it doesn’t track you; it shows all users the same results for any given term.

Really impressed with DuckDuckGo so far. It’s simple, has great suggestions, and it doesn’t track you; it shows all users the same results for any given term.

The Worst API Ever Made

I had heard working with Windows APIs was a nightmare, but I had no idea how bad it truly was until I read this article.